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  1. Cam Chain Tensioner

    CNC from billet aluminum in excellent gunmetal finish. Replaces factory automatic/hydraulic tensioner. Eliminate out of timing problem caused by OEM automatic tensioner. Eliminate too much tension/premature engine wear caused by OEM hydraulic tensioner. Eliminate cam chain rattling caused by factory tensioner failure. Exact OEM replacement. Does not alter engine/ignition timing.
  2. Magnetic Drain Plug

    Predrilled holes for easy safety wiring. Strong embedded magnet. CNC from high quality aluminum. Similar appearance as PSR oil filler caps. Anodized in Black, Blue, Red.

  3. Magnetic Oil Filter Cover

    Strong Embedded magnet on most applications. CNC from high quality Aluminum. Excellent resistant to extreme heat. Anodized in Gunmetal. Blue, Red, KTM Orange. Available for Dirt, ATV/Quad applications.
  4. Oil Filler Cap

    Kit comes complete with pre drilled cap and locking clip already safety wired to a mounting tab. Nothing else to buy. No need for drilling or safety wire pliers! Gives your bike the "Factory Race Bike" look. Caps CNC machined from high grade alulminum for quality fit. Excellent resistance to extreme heat. Anodized in Aluminum, Black, Red, and Gun Metal.

    SMOG BLOCK OFF PLATES HON CBR250L 13-20 03-01352-22
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5 Item(s)